SMS Marketing – How It Works

SMS marketing, while relatively recent in the world of marketing products to customers, has quickly become the most effective and preferred method for reaching a prospective, or previously obtained, customers. By making direct contact through their phone numbers (and not their emails), companies all around the world are seeing dramatic success in their businesses. But why is that?

While certain businesses have seen great success from SMS marketing, as with most things, it’s not a guarantee and there are pitfalls that you can easily fall into. Below, we’ll go over some of the key reasons why a company can make money in SMS marketing. Be sure to follow along so you can ensure that your business can actually turn SMS marketing into the goldmine that it is.

How SMS Marketing Will Work For Your Business

#1. Personalization

Easily one of the most appealing aspects of receiving a message through SMS and not email is the implied sense of intimacy and closeness tied to your phone number. Most people are far more reluctant to hand over their phone number compared to their email address, so having access to it can essentially break through an invisible subconscious barrier that many people may have put up when it comes to dealing with marketed products or events.

This is even more exacerbated when combining the active forms of personalization that comes with a message sent to them. While getting a random email is one thing, getting a message with your first name being used is quite the other. In fact, over 70% of consumers prefer to go to companies that tailor a person’s shopping experience, with almost 90% saying that it was due to the personalized effects.

#2. Convenience

On the other side of things, SMS marketing, more so than email marketing, presents itself as a simplified method of doing things. A common showcasing of an effective SMS marketing campaign is by making the process as simple and as easy as possible.

Most companies, such as Walmart, will have an SMS-based “help-desk” situation available to you through your smartphones. Simply by texting a number, you can instantly get information on a certain product and its location. Other stores allow for clicking to links immediately from the message to the company’s website or even a respective product that may be on sale.

This convenience makes the transition from the customer’s starting point to the company’s landing page easier and less burdensome, which is a great way to keep them engaged long enough to make a purchase.


If you’re just starting out and don’t know where to start in your business, SMS marketing is an effective way to reaching them. This is because you’re offering a more personalized and convenient advertisement than anything else out there.

For those that are interested in getting started, consider checking out Textedly, one of the most popular and effective companies to jump into the SMS marketing space. They are very intuitive and can help you see results quickly.