What You Need To Know About Impaired Driving: Cost of a DUI

There are a large number of people who drink and drive but it is very important to have ample knowledge about impaired driving: cost of a DUI before committing the mistake. Drinking a large amount of beer can also raise your blood alcohol level way above .08% as it is a borderline for committing DUI in majority of the states. The cost of getting arrested for DUI is less than $20 but you will also need to deal with the cost of DUI arrest that can eventually be very costly for you.

The public cost of the alcohol induced traffic incidents or impaired driving is huge which compromises of both monetary costs as well as life losses. It not only affects the driver financially but personally as well. As the San Diego divorce lawyer explains, a high rate of divorces is caused by alcohol abuse from either one or both individuals. Other drunk driving related costs include attorney fees, court costs, bail fees, driving under influence, car towing or impounding and driving under influence education programs. These mandatory drunk driving education programs can cost you anything in between $1,500 and $2,500.

As the driver of the vehicle, you are also liable to lose your driver’s license temporarily when you are violated the drunk driving laws. Hence if you are an offender then you will have to rely on the other methods of transportation that can take a toll financially and you will also have to pay reinstatement fees of $250 for returning to the full driving privileges. There are different kind of offense for which you can become guilty for but the most simple one is no injury and no damage in which you have not hit anyone or caused any kind of property damage. According to the OC DUI Expert, in this case you will need to anything in between $5,000 and $12,000 which will depend on your insurance rates. But subsequent offenses can lead to making your cost double or triple which may be because of any injury or property damage.

There are different cost of a DUI which includes court costs, legal fees, license reinstatement, counseling, substance abuse/rehabilitation classes, ignition interlock system, increased insurance costs, loss of income and medical costs. These are the costs that you will need to pay in case you have been caught drunk driving and you will also need to pay litigation fees for the case.