After an arrest is done, the suspects are taken to the law enforcement station for booking. The booking process involves identifying the suspects using their fingerprints, taking mug shots and the data is entered in a criminal justice system.

Once the process is over, suspects are usually held until they are freed on their own recognizance, arraigned for trial or when they post bail to secure their release. If you are arrested, the circumstances and facts of your case will play a significant role on how your bail will apply, says Brent from Ventura Bail Bonds.

If for example you are arrested for the first time on a driving under the influence (DUI) charge, the judge will most likely let you out on your own recognizance. This will mean that the judge will trust that you will faithfully show up on all your court dates with or without your attorney for your case. ”When you are arrested for the second and third time on the same DUI charge, you will probably get bail bonds. The second and third DUI offense will attract a higher bail bonds amount from the previous one”, says albertville dui attorney

When the court declines to have a bail bonds company involved in your case, you will have to raise the whole amount in cash and deposit it in the Ventura court. The court will then hold onto this amount until the case gets finalized. Once the case is done, you as the defendant will receive the amount deposited in court less miscellaneous fees.

If the court chooses to let a bail bonds company get involved in your case, this is how it will work. You can either call the bail bonds company directly or have your friend call them on your behalf. The bail bonds company will charge a premium of the overall bail amount, which could be around 10%. This premium fee is non-refundable and it is the amount that the company charges for posting your bail. After agreeing to the terms of the bail bonds with the company, they will travel to the jail you are being held in and post the bond to secure your release. This will involve some paperwork t inform the court that the company will be responsible for you.

Whenever you miss a court date, the company will be alerted and they will come looking for you. The company will be responsible for looking for you as they will owe the court when you skip bail. When finally your case is finalized and gets a judgment or is dismissed, the bond will be exonerated. This will mean that you have met all the requirements set by the law and the bail bonds company will no longer be responsible for you. This will pave the way for the company to close their case”, says amy soll from Ventura bail bonds.